What’s Going On is Marvin’s Love Letter to the future

What's Going On is Marvin's Love Letter to the future

A Project about “What’s Going On…NOW”

A Singer songwriter John Legend joined the Kennedy Center to launch “What’s Going On…NOW,” a national arts and digital media campaign to inspire and engage youth while marking the 40th anniversary of Marvin Gaye’s iconic album and his 1972 Kennedy Center performance.  

Using Marvin Gaye’s music as a catalyst, the Kennedy Center’s campaign asks: “How have things changed in the last 40 years? What’s going on…now?” Young people can go to www.whatsgoingonnow.org and share their own creative perspectives on the similarities and differences between Marvin Gaye’s “then” and their own “now.” They can upload video, photos, poems, music whatever art form inspires their own creative expression. From the announcement by The kennedy Center

The legendary album, What’s Going On

What’s Going On is a timeless treasure. Marvin Gaye captured in one album all that was transpiring in the world 42 years ago, and that is still happening today. 

What's going on (1971) Marvin Gaye

What’s going on (1971), Marvin Gaye

Like a historian or journalist, Marvin covered every social, economic, environmental and cultural struggle we were experiencing at the time:  war (What’s Going On), drug addiction (Flyin’ High), poverty (Right On), the environment (Mercy, Mercy Me), children (Save the Children), police brutality and the frustrations of demoralized human beings (Inner City Blues, Makes Me Wanna Holla’).  And, in honor of his spiritual roots and the God he so deeply loved, the tracks Wholly Holy and God is Love. From Sharon’s Stoop on BlackandBrownNews.com, April 2013.

It’s still the No 1 album which I ‘ve ever heard in my life and would be kept being the same till the end of my life. It is such a great one for me. Commented by kaz masuda, Director -Vedic Remedy.

Let’s watch the opening act of “What’s Going On…NOW” at the Kennedy Center in May 3-4, 2012. 


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