The Connection #5 – You're never be healthy unless your mindset taken care of

The Connection - A documentary featuring world leading experts in mind body medicine and remarkable true stories of healing

The Connection features six true stories of people who have added mind body medicine to their approach to healing a chronic illness.

Each person takes a different approach to his or her recovery.  Their stories show the power of stress reduction, relaxation, group support, meditation, faith, belief and finding emotional balance through things like professional therapy.

While each of the people featured in the film is committed to their mind body practice, they also believe their approach should be used in conjunction with best modern medical practice.

Dr. Craig Duncan is internationally recognized in the area of sport science and human performance. He had a heart attack when he was 45 years old even though his biodatas had shown no risk factors of it. Then what happened to him. Let’s watch his interview. 

Dr. Crag Duncan, recognised sport scientist, Australia

“If I let my stress and my emotions get out of control there’s no doubt it could happen again.”
Craig Duncan is a leading sports scientist, who works with elite Australian athletes. He had a heart attack when he was 45-year-old and was lucky to be alive.  
He was in peak physical fitness.  He ran regularly. He was vegetarian and did not have high blood pressure or high cholesterol and had no family history of the heart failure and dysfunction. 
Image of a medical checking
At the time of his heart attack Craig was under enormous pressure in his work and personal life. 
“I was under enormous stress and I had been for a long, long time. A lot of it was self-imposed and just rushing around at a million miles an hour.”
“I was frustrated and unhappy and that was difficult. I was struggling to sleep, or sleep well, and even though I might be healthy on the outside…but it all became too much.”
Dr. Crag Duncan, recognised sport scientist, Australia

His near death experience made his life completely changed. He has taken on a far less stressful academic job and now consults to football clubs rather than bearing the brunt of the football season pressure. He’s also added meditation and prayer his daily healthy lifestyle practices.
“If you are not in the soundness of mind, it doesn’t matter how healthy your body is.”

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