He may be a real HERO


Have you heard about Chibatman?
He isn’t BATMAN who is one of the greatest comic hero but he is a real  honorable hero like BATMAN. He has been called Chibatman.  I’ve written the article about him so that you can get more information about him though it is written in Japanese. You can check it out.
He was interviewed by the BBC News, and mentioned that people have forgotten how to smile after the incredible tragedies of the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear crisis of March 11 2011. Chibatman said that people forgot how to smile after the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. He’d like to bring the smiles back to the people, so he decided to become BATMAN. That’s the way he have made people happy. You may check the article at the link below in BBC News Asia.

I believe a man who have a mission to make people happy can be called a honorable hero. Let’s watch it.

Meet Chibatman, BBC World Asia 

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