15th Step: Commit to a Personal Practice

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STEP 15:『あなたのリズムを見つける方法』を学びましょう









WELCOME TO 15th Step: Find Your Rhythm

Welcome Friends!

Congratulations! You are close to completing your 15 Steps of wellness exercises. We here at Wild Divine sincerely hope that they have helped you feel better, more energized, more centered
and, in general, happier

Most of these exercises have been about fine-tuning your awareness; in a sense, switching it on like a lamp so that you can see, notice and observe. Now, you can’t be expected to be fully
aware of every single thought, idea, event, and interaction every second of the day—that’s not mindfulness, that’s surveillance!

The goal is to tune in to your natural rhythms, patterns, and tendencies so that you can maintain your energy and resist the downward spiral of stress and fatigue.

Finding your own rhythm means that you check in with yourself periodically, particularly during times when you notice tension rising or your focus waning. This way, you resist getting swept
up in old habits and are better able to address imbalances.

In this final step, you’ll learn how to understand—not master or control—your own unique rhythms. Living in harmony with them, and with yourself, is where happiness resides.

From all of us at Wild Divine,

“Whatever you do in your life, try to become a kind, and wise human being”

– Nawang Khechog, The Tibettan Buddist Monk and a performer of bamboo flute who Grammy-nominated the Mandala albums with Kitaro.

Your expert with Nawang Khechog
Your expert with Nawang Khechog









15ステップで学ぶセルフ・ストレス緩和プログラム『ヒーリングリズム(Healing Rhythms)』の正規版はこちらご購入できます。さあ下のバナーをクリックして、今すぐ始めて下さい。

Relaxing Rhythms (Previously Healing Rhythms) Complete with Iom

Relaxing Rhythms (Previously Healing Rhythms) Complete with Iom
Relaxing Rhythms (Previously Healing Rhythms) Complete with Iom



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