14th Step: Commit to a Personal Practice

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STEP 14:『練習を継続する方法』を学びましょう


この無料プログラムが2月18日より開始となりました。まずは参加おめでとうございます。ワイルドディバイン™(Wild Divine™)が提供するヒーリングリズム(Healing Rhythms)は、15ステップで学ぶリラックス、ストレス緩和と回復のプログラムです。これはあなたにとって自分への健康の贈り物となるでしょう。







WELCOME TO 14th Step: Commit to a Personal Practice

Welcome Friends!

Congratulations for participating in this training program, where you will give yourself the gift of inner well-being with Healing Rhythms: 15-Steps to Relax, Relieve and Restore, from Wild Divine™.

You’ve learned many wellness techniques over the last 13 exercises. “But how”, you might ask, “do I make this happen on my own?” The key is to keep your personal practice simple.

There are lots of ways to start building your own practice. You can try beginning your day with an energizing breath, nip stress in the bud with a quick meditation, or practice scanning your body for tension every night before bed. There is no one right way to enhance your happiness and well-being. It depends on what you find most effective, most enjoyable, and most suited to your needs.

In this step, we give you several different breathing exercises that are simple and effective to do on your own to balance your energy. One will be a stimulating and energizing breath, and one will be calming and centering.

Most importantly, as you develop a practice that works for you, be patient with yourself. The idea is not to whip yourself into shape or enforce a stringent daily regimen, but to grow and
experiment with whatever serves you best. You have nothing to prove to anyone (including yourself), nor do you have anyone else’s rules to follow.

Select one focus for your practice to stick with for just one week, to start. Combine your creativity and self-discipline to make your personal program one that brings about a better, almer, more grounded you.

From all of us at Wild Divine,

“Start with one mindful practice a day…When you do this, you awaken the inner intelligence inside you.”

– Dr. Deepak Chopra M.D., has written more than forty books, which have been translated into thirty-five languages and sold over 20,000,000 copies.

Your expert with Dr. Deepak Chopra
Your expert with Dr. Deepak Chopra










15ステップで学ぶセルフ・ストレス緩和プログラム『ヒーリングリズム(Healing Rhythms)』の正規版はこちらご購入できます。さあ下のバナーをクリックして、今すぐ始めて下さい。

Relaxing Rhythms (Previously Healing Rhythms) Complete with Iom

Relaxing Rhythms (Previously Healing Rhythms) Complete with Iom
Relaxing Rhythms (Previously Healing Rhythms) Complete with Iom



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