Science behind Biofeedback

WWhat is the Iom?

Technically, The Wild Divine Iom is a patented scientific instrument that functions as an alternative input device. In Wild Divine, you might have to relax your muscles and calm down to move left on the screen. The Iom makes that possible. It picks up your body’s extremely subtle signals of emotion, stress, calmness, tension, happiness, and lets you progress based on your ability to control yourself. You get instant feedback on changes in your thoughts, emotions, breathing, posture, and levels of calm or stress. The Iom is very simple to use, it plugs into any standard USB port on Mac or PC computers, and interfaces with Wild Divine software to give you an interactive experience like no other.

What can be monitored active Biofeedback data while practicing the program

Wild Divine’s Active Feedback component measures a player’s Skin Conductance Level (SCL) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

SCL measures sweat gland activity. Increased perspiration indicates increased autonomic nervous system activation, which is associated with increased energy-both positive, like excitement, and negative, like nervousness.

HRV is calculated from the differences in heart rate from one heartbeat to another. No two intervals are exactly the same, and you need a device more sophisticated than just taking your pulse to determine it.

Greater HRV is a very worthwhile goal. In fact, people who exhibit this tend to live more vigorously and enjoy life more. Parts of Wild Divine’s Programs require users to attain this goal in order to move forward in the game.

Wild Divine's Active Feedback component measures a player's Skin Conductance Level (SCL) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV).
Wild Divine’s Active Feedback component measures a player’s Skin Conductance Level (SCL) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

The more Coherence – the more synchronize with the heart and boost the immune system

Examining HRV is the fastest growing area in feedback training and it can provide important methods of working with our own physiology. The Institute of HeartMath is one of many research groups that has been studying the effects of greater HRV.

It combines research-based techniques and unique technology to help people fight the stresses of everyday life. Its research suggests that when you increase your HRV you can reach a state of coherence within the power spectrum frequencies of the heart that then gets the brain to synchronize with the heart and boost the immune system.

This coherence pattern in the heart frequencies is also known as the heart’s Resonant Frequency. Meditation, slow and easy abdominal breathing, or connecting with positive emotions are three researched ways for getting this desired pattern of both strength and balance.

By synchronizing your heart rate with the breath (two skills that can be gained through using Wild Divine’s programs, you can quite easily reach your heart’s Resonant Frequency.

Also, when we are in this state of coherence, its desired vibration pattern ripples out around us in an electromagnetic doughnut shape detectable eight or more feet in all directions. It even shows up in the brainwaves of anyone we touch! Who wouldn’t want to experience the positive effects of such a state more and more often?

Self stress management program by monitoring active biofeedback

For example, they might just automatically let the inhale and exhale become equal in their breathing and deepen it a little bit. This would result in their going into the desired pattern of increased heart rate variability. Or they might accomplish the same thing by connecting with positive emotions. Continuing to play can result in a training effect, improving the capacity of the body to healthfully regulate itself.

The game gives players more awareness of the emotional, mental-and potentially spiritual-correlation of physical states. When players acquire enough awareness of how to make the shift from one state to another, they can begin to do this voluntarily. They can have integrated what we call our BEST team: Body, Emotions, Spirit and Thought.

Meditation for Beginners

Defining Meditation

Until recently, the common perception of meditation in the western world was that meditation was a form of worship or prayer. However, this is far from the truth. There are many forms and methods of meditation. Some of these include a spiritual aspect, but certainly not all of them. At its core, meditation is nothing more than awareness.

When you perform a task with full attention and awareness, you are meditating. This could be done with a thought, your breath, while walking or running, during yoga, or any other activity. The key is that you are participating with full awareness.

Who Meditates?

A wide variety of people already meditate, and anyone can. Meditation is going through something like the physical exercise revolution of the 1970s and 1980s. A larger body of scientific evidence is demonstrating profound benefits of meditation and the number of people who meditate regularly is increasing at a rapid pace.

People from all walks of life are starting meditative practices and discovering the amazing results that can come out of it.

Benefits of Meditation

A rapidly increasing body of scientific knowledge is uncovering a myriad of benefits that come from meditation. Some of the benefits of meditation include:

    Peace of mind
    Enhanced creativity
    Reduced stressful feelings
    Better focus and mental clarity
    Improved relationships with others
    More self confidence
    Spiritual development

Where and When to Meditate

You can meditate any time and in any place. Most people starting a meditation practice will find it easiest to meditate in a quiet comfortable place. As you gain experience it will become more natural to meditate elsewhere. Start by meditating for just a few minutes at a time.

Five or ten minutes is plenty of time start out with. You will naturally know when to being to increasing the time you spend meditating. Usually it is best to meditate in the morning or evening, but you will still realize great benefits with a regular meditation practice at any time of day.

Learning to Meditate

There are many ways to learn to meditate. You can take courses, attend retreats, listen to guided meditations, or read books and articles. One of the fastest and easiest ways to learn to meditate is with Wild Divine and the iom active feedback hardware.

When you use the iom and Wild Divine’s software you get instant feedback about how you are doing. When that feedback is available, you learn more and you learn faster.

Benefits of Meditation

A rapidly expanding body of scientific knowledge is uncovering a myriad of benefits that can come out of a regular meditation practice. This is an exciting time Something you might notice as you begin reading through this list, is that many of the benefits on it have benefits of their own.

Reducing stressful feelings is a great benefit by itself, however, it can have other powerful benefits like improving your relationships with others and help you increase mental focus and clarity.

This is one of the strange and wonderful things about meditation. You might start meditating with the hope of producing a certain effect. And you might produce that effect, but you will also be creating a wide range of other positive changes in your life.

1. Be more productive

Steven Covey, author of the best selling book “7 habits of highly successful people”, says that by not keeping your mind and body sharp, it’s like trying to saw down a tree with a dull blade. It can be done, but it’s very painful. Meditation sharpens the mind and a regular meditation practice will help you get more done more quickly than ever before. This isn’t just a mental process. Meditation can help you change the physical structure of your brain, making it more efficient.

2. Increased happiness

In a University of Wisconsin experiment with a Buddhist monk a huge amount of neural activity was seen in the area of the brain associated with happiness. It is believed that the monk’s years of meditation experience changed the physical structure of his brain allowing him to experience emotions like happiness and compassion more intensely than in most people.

3. Enhanced creativity

Meditating makes it easier to let go of preconceived notions about things. In their place, you begin to see things as they actually are. This open state of mind also makes it easier to consider new thoughts and ideas that you might normally reject, and creates an mindset where creativity can flourish.

4. Better focus and mental clarity

Meditation helps calm the brain and with practice you will learn to quiet the random stream of thoughts often referred to as the monkey mind. When these unnecessary thoughts are no longer running through your mind constantly, you will be better able to focus on tasks at hand, and will be able to maintain this mental clarity over longer periods of time.

5. Spiritual development

Meditation’s roots are in spiritual development and over the past several thousand years it has been shown to be the most effective tool for spiritual development. With time and regular practice, meditation can enable you to make profound progress on your spiritual path.

6. Better relationships with others

A regular meditation practice will help you become more aware and present. You’ll be more aware of what is going on internally, and with the people that are around you. This can help you avoid stumbling into the patterns that can hurt relationships.

7. Reduced stressful feelings

Meditation helps reduce stressful feelings in two ways. First, it helps you relax, and naturally release those stressful feelings. Secondly, by making you more aware of yourself and your environment, you become more aware of the triggers that can generate stress. Then by making conscious decisions, you can reduce the chance of those stressful feelings accumulating in the first place.

8. Gain control over your level of energy

Meditation helps you recharge your mind and discover the connection between your mind and body. When you are aware of this connection and what is happening with your body, you can also begin to control the way that your body responds to certain situations. Need to increase energy, no problem, you can do that. Need to calm down? You can do that too.

9. Better able to control your thoughts

Meditation helps clear your mind of the flood of random thoughts that usually dominate it. This leaves your mind clear and focused so that you can concentrate on the things that you want to concentrate on, not random distractions.

10. Sense of well-being

One of the first results of meditation, which really draws people in and encourages them to continue practicing, is a sense of well-being. Even better, as your practice continues, this feeling will deepen and last longer. Eventually, this can become your standard state.

To learn more about meditation and its benefits with the products.