The Bhava Chalita screens uses calculations from Sri Pati Paddhati and Brihat Parashora Hora Shastra to show the ability of the Bhavas to provide their effects. One the upper left is a large Bhava Chalita chart. One the right are small Varga charts and the influence of planets to the Bhava cusps. The vargas off all the Bhava cusps are calculated, so you can see the actual lord of the Bhava cusps Varga. Bhavas who have the greatest influence from their lord and benefics will be the strongest Bhavas. Clicking on any of the Vargas pulls up a table with the Dignities, Balaadi Avasthas, Jagradadi Avasthas and Varga dieties.  

Also included is a Bhava Bala table which gives the overall strength of each Bhava. Both the Sri Pati method (on top) and the additions from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra are given (one the bottom half). The strongest Bhava will be the area that most of the person’s life will revolve around.