Kala’s Varshaphala (Jyotish Solar Returns) Screen is also simple to use and effective. All neccessary Varshaphala calculations are displayed: the Rasi chart, the year lord, the Panchadhikaris, Tajika Aspects, Varshaphala Dasas and all three Varshaphala strengths: Panchavargiya Bala, Dwadashavargiya Bala and Harsha Bala. (Note, many softwares only calculate the one panchavargiya bala and ommit the other two important strengths.) Two squares on the screen are left blank for your customization.

Kala’s Varshaphala Screen not only calculates yearly returns, but also Masa Phala and Dina Phala, the monthly and daily charts.

Kala’s has a detailed list of Sahams. Details include aspects to the Sahams. The Hadda lord of the Saham and, most importantly, the day on which the effects of teh Saham may take place.