Ashtakavarga Features

Ashtakavarga is a comprehensive method of making predictions through transits. According to Parashara, “making predictions is a hard task even for a sage, but Ashtakavarga is relatively easy, easy enough for the average man.” To make it yet easier, we have programmed a lot of special Ashtakavarga features. (You can learn how to use Ashtakavarga by listening to the Free Ashtakavarga class, by going to the Free Classes link on the menu above.)


Clicking on the yellow planetary labels pulls up additional Ashtakavarga calculations

  • The Ages at which Saturn may threaten the health of the Individual. In the example below, Saturn may threaten the health at 17, 29 and 46.
  • The sensitive Rasis and Nakshatras the transit through which a planet will affect a House. In the example below it is seen that transits in Pisces and Revati will influence the 8th house from Saturn, which is the house of longevity. Thus transits through Pisces and Revati will have a beneficial or ill effect on a person’s physical wellbeing.
  • The effects of the planet’s Ashtakavarga. In the example below, Saturn has 3 points, the effects of which are stated to be “destruction of progency, wife, attendants and money.”
  • The favorable directions for the planet’s activities. In the example below, Saturn’s favored direction is west and thus the trash, compost etc. should be stored in the west, and the toilet should also be in the west.
  • The Graha Pinda, Rasi Pinda and Yoga Pindas are shown. These are used for calculating the sensitive Rasis and Nakshatras as mentioned above.