The truth of Ayurveda

Ayurveda Path to Eternal Bliss, Published by Atlasbooks Dist Serv (2008/11/21)
Ayurveda Path to Eternal Bliss, Published by Atlasbooks Dist Serv (2008/11/21)

Message from the Author

Prof. h.c. Manfred Krames
Prof. (h.c) Manfred Krames

When I first arrived in Japan as a young man I had no return ticket, no money, no contacts. Being fascinated by oriental philosophy I at once began searching for a Zen-Master who had been mentioned in my books on Zen – only to find out that he had passed away recently. There I was, lost in a new exciting world, not understanding one word in Japanese, crazy to discover myself, my destiny, my karma. That was in 1981, 32 years ago.

To be frank: Life in a Zen Temple is not fun. In Fukui Prefecture winters get pretty rough and cold. I got up at 4 in the morning, -15 degrees outside, and almost no heating inside. Five hours of Zazen was the rule. On certain days double of that. I had to clean toilets, work in the garden, cut trees in the summer heat, and no exemption was made on my status as a foreigner. Military training in the German army is a piece of cake compared to such life.


All this is almost forgotten. Memories faded out or deleted on purpose. I call it my past life. I later on became the owner of a company in Yokohama, then managed a clinic in Sri Lanka, got married, became father of to a daughter, live in Germany now and write on my 11th book. But one thing never changed: I am and have always been committed to the truth. I never accepted what people believe or what traditions want us to follow. My critical mind saved me many times in life.

I am used to inquire into the truth until I am fully satisfied. I believe only what I experience. Therefore I would never expect any of you to blindly believe what is written here. Only after it has become your experience, only after you have completely comprehended my statements here beyond doubt, then only you may take it for granted.

Different from other writers I do not copy any concept or idea from other books, present or past. Just because a famous doctor from ancient India has said so does not mean it is correct, or still valid today. History throughout the world shows us that entire nations ended up in war, and worse, because they believed the wrong people or blindly followed ideas without critical mind.


Why should be trust the written word, just because it is put there black on white? Everywhere people make mistakes, translate or interpret something wrongly or manipulate us on purpose. Have a look at modern media or at politicians and you will understand.

Look what happens when masses follow their religious leaders, turning into murderers or terrorists, unable to keep peace in the world. Look what happens when people follow selfish sect leaders, in Japan and elsewhere. Brain wash and destruction are the consequences.

In order to get the maximum advantage from this book, I advise you to ignore all information you got previously on this subject. Just pretend you know nothing at all. Read this book with a beginner’s mind and trust only your 6th sense, your intuition.